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Tom Beddard (aka subblue) has been responsible for some of the most fascinating work being done with fractals. His totally mesmerizing video of fractal shapes morphing into one another was one of the first things I posted on this blog.

In his series Fabergé Fractals he has created digitally generated objects with designs as intricate as the eggs they’re named after. 

Beddard on his work:

The 3D fractals are generated by iterative formulas whereby the output of one iteration forms the input for the next. The formulas effectively fold, scale, rotate or flip space. They are truly fractal in the fact that more and more detail can be revealed the closer to the surface you travel.

The fascinating aspect is where combinations of parameters can combine to create structural “resonances” of extraordinary detail and beauty—sometimes naturally organic and other times perfectly geometric. But then like a chaotic system it can completely disappear with the smallest perturbation.

(via alisonkatecarter)

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Posters

(Source: umapedra, via alisonkatecarter)

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